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Architect, Developer & Builder Partner Program

The construction world is changing fast, and we're looking for partners that want to change with it. We have buyers all around the world who want to build with modular materials from China, but they often lack a local architect, developer, or builder to help them with their project. We need your help to support these clients.


Prefabmarket Partner Program Benefits:

  • Connect with certified leads from your area

  • Write-ups and promotion on Prefabmarket.com

  • Custom promotional and educational materials

  • Unique online portal for client project submissions

  • Priority service and business integration


We want the world to know about the advantages of prefab products sourced from China. Prefabmarket will support those innovators looking to save money and build better. If this opportunity interests you, fill out the form to start the program's certification evaluation. 

*Meet a current partner Note: Not all applicants will be accepted. We only accept premium service providers for this program.